Tara Williamson on Comedians Interviewing Musicians

Tara Williamson performing on Comedians Interviewing Musicians


Episode 54 - Interviews and performances with the best of Austin's hard-working musicians being interviewed by local comedians. Sometimes strange, sometimes serious, but always sincere. Brought to you by Music Firsthand.

BeckiJo Neill and Claude Ramey live from The Velveeta Room with Tara Williamson! Fresh off their tour of the Living Room Sessions the band shares their thoughts on great house concerts when the cops show up, Guitar Arm Syndrome, 90's trends, Taco Bell, stealing ham, instruments for dogs, The Jesus Stool, touring pet peeves, The Nightowls, get quizzed by Claude on Charles Darwin Trivia! Tara even gives us an impromptu performance of her childhood choir solo, "The Grace Song" PLUS, a great live performance by Tara Williamson! Enjoy!

Streaming live every Tuesday, 7pm CT.

Recorded live September 4, 2018 from the Velveeta Room in Austin, Texas

Sponsored by Austin Eastciders Collaboratory, Tequila 512, and Nine Banded Whiskey!

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Hosts: BeckiJo Neill and Claude Ramey


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