Request access to our invite-only App!

Request access to our invite-only App!

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  “Music Firsthand is a major time saver, and I can always trust that the music is going to be top notch, the artists will be prompt and professional. It honestly removes a major pain point in planning a large scale public event.”  - Cuvee Coffee Bar

Create your own live experience.

Whether you’re an artist, true fan, or business we want to empower you to easily create your own live music experience.

  1. Receive matches unique to your style and brand
  2. Connect in the virtual Green Room
  3. Schedule your experience
  4. Enjoy your music firsthand

Music is the soundtrack of our life and we should all live a little more.

 “We’ve counted on Music Firsthand every weekend for the past year for live music booking. They know AND CARE about matching the right musicians to fit the experience we want to create.”  - Compass Rose Cellars




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"Music Firsthand has been an incredible help for myself and the rest of the guys in Fair City Fire.  Kris, CEO, is truly someone we can trust and in turn has become part of our family.  From a business perspective, we've never experienced such artist-minded bookings before. They really put the needs of the artists at the forefront.  We hope to be working with Kris and Music Firsthand for many years to come!"
   - Fair City Fire, rock band from Austin, TX

“The musicians best friend… Music Firsthand.”
   - Sydney Wright, musician from Austin, TX

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