Music Firsthand was born in Austin, TX in 2016. Our app helps people book live music based on the brand and lifestyle of their event.

Designed for businesses and individuals who frequently book live music, but are not full-time talent buyers, Music Firsthand’s app uses a proprietary matching algorithm to connect them with musicians based on the brand and lifestyle of the experience they are creating. The app is a simple one-stop solution for completing a hassle-free booking experience.

Our founder and CEO had spent time at iHeartMedia where he fell in love with the power of live music and the connection between artists and their fans. He also grew up as the younger brother of a locally popular Chicago comedian and saw the struggles firsthand that emerging artists face each day. With the patience and loving support from his wife, Claudia he embarked on a long journey to launch Music Firsthand.

Music Firsthand is more than a technology platform that matches musicians with individuals and businesses for live music performances. The company strives to make the connection personal by matching based on familiarity with nationally known artists, and then taking into consideration lifestyle and brand. A better fit leads to a better experience.

In addition to launching an app that provides matching, booking, scheduling, and messaging they also host their own live music experiences through branded house concerts and sponsored business events. However, you may best know them by their popular live streaming show called, ‘Comedians Interviewing Musicians‘ that goes live every Tuesday at 7pm.

Being a part of the Austin music community is also a strong value of the company that they have expressed through numerous benefit shows supporting local music non-profits. In addition, they recently launched the Austin Music Firsthand magazine on Flipboard to curate the news about what’s happening with the Austin music scene.

The company is positioned well to evolve and scale over time with the support of an outstanding Advisory Board comprised of industry leaders. For additional information, please contact our CEO, Kris at

The Team

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Kris Potrafka
CEO & Anything Else
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Gerald Bailey
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Marcel Manzardo
Web Development

Advisory Board

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Tom Schurr
Advisory Board Member
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Clay Hunnicutt
Advisory Board Member
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Chad Gray
Advisory Board Member
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Michelle Savoy
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Shannon Curtis & Jamie Hill
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