HiDef Pro Storage Kit

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Store 65 Blu-ray movies in 12 inches of space!

  • Store movie poster, outer wrap and 2 Blu-ray discs in a single HiDef Pro Sleeve
  • Get instant flip-file accessibility with DiscSox Movie Holders
  • Dividers and Labels revolutionize organization
  • Patented sleeves, 100% environmentally friendly polypropylene

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Your Kit

  • is 12 7 / 16 inches long
  • holds 66 HiDef Pro Sleeves
  • includes:
    1 tray front, 1 back, short and long base $17.95
    25-packs ( 50 sleeves) $39.90


Special Kit Price:

Total Price: $57.85
-20% Kit Discount: $11.57
Special Kit Price: $46.28


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