David Messier on Comedians Interviewing Musicians

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David Messier on Comedians Interviewing Musicians

Episode 110- Interviews and performances with the best of Austin's hard-working musicians being interviewed by local comedians. Sometimes strange, sometimes serious, but always sincere. Brought to you by Music Firsthand.

Hosts BeckiJo Neill and Kim Stacey sit down with David Messier at The Brixton and they talked about highlights from 2019, the Dallas Mavericks, Rubik's Cubes, New England slang, the Music Modernization Act, Same Sky Productions and robot overlords. They close things out with a game of "Which Mess is Messier?"  Plus... great live performances featured throughout!

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Recorded live Dec 17, 2019 from The Brixton in Austin, Texas

Sponsored by Austin Eastciders Collaboratory, Hops & Grain, and Nine Banded Whiskey!

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Hosts: BeckiJo Neill and Kim Stacy

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